5 tried and tested ways in which cloud hosting boosts a website’s SEO

Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Small Businesses

Search engines have radicalised the ways for users to lookup for information about products, services and even multinational-brands. The ways for touching base at a choice to purchase an item have likewise changed, thanks to web crawlers. Such situations demand that the information about the brand, product or service be fresh and crawlable as per the rules of Google. One of the ways of ensuring this happens properly from the standpoint of an enterprise is to have a hosting facility that boosts the website’s searchability. This is possible if the website has a great page speed, page load time and security. A hosting arrangement that essentially facilitates all the three aforementioned factors is cloud hosting.

With cloud hosting, many a business has received a major boost when it comes to having their website discovered. It has allowed to have a sense of safety instead of overwhelming themselves with unnecessary problems. Deploying your business website on the cloud makes it easy for your site to drive a larger goal when it comes to search engine optimization. With this article, we aim to drive home a few crucial points that are helpful when it comes to your website’s search with cloud. So, without much delay, let us get into the specifics.

1. Cloud boosts page load time 

For a website, a page that loads quickly is a sign that its search ranking will be at a higher position. This by far one of the most important characteristics in pushing SERPS when clients are looking for information. In the event that you are going to assemble a website, there is a huge benefit when it comes to cloud as a long term hosting facility. This is because the cloud makes use of  Content Delivery Networks that directs web traffic via a wide network of web structure that helps boost the page of a speed to seconds. Hence, the page loads faster and at an SEO level, users are able to retrieve the page much quicker, which ends up positively affecting your website’s SEO. 

2. Protection from a large number of malicious bots 

With cloud hosting there is one certain guarantee. Your website will not suffer the wrath that other websites do. For instance, when it comes to bots, which are present and crawl a website, there are also malicious bots that do the same. Now, it is upto a good hosting service to recognize the same and make its admin alert of the same via a virus system of even an antivirus that is built within the network. Cloud hosting has the ability to tackle these malicious bots head on and protect your website against spamming etc. Moreover, it helps your website from allowing unknown elements to crawl the website and affect important information.

3. Cloud allows your website to be hosted from any part of the world

Cloud has infrastructure that makes hosting from any location permissible. Now how does this positively affect your site’s SEO? Earlier, with non-cloud packages, if anyone sitting in India were to search for a website, then the websites with a .in domain would be most likely to show up faster. But with cloud hosting, that’s not necessary.With cloud, you can host a website from any part of the world and still see your website in the results section in a jiffy no matter what your domain is. This has allowed businesses to trust cloud hosting as a service more than ever to ensure that their websites are found seamlessly.

4. Serves as a great partner when you are going mobile

As more and more people switch to mobiles for browsing information, Google has taken mobile compatibility of websites into consideration when it comes to SERPs. Now, with cloud hosting, your website while browsing on phones experiences faster speed and load time which immediately is prioritized by Google as important. This is so because cloud has the ability to boost your page’s load time and ensures that no page within the website faces a lag while delivering it to the user.

5. Provides tools and solutions to optimize the website

With cloud, IT resources are so well designed and located that providers of cloud hosting can facilitate a higher quality of upkeep and service for customers. In addition to this, cloud facilitates tools that helps one to optimize the advanced consoles used or maintaining a website. It is because of these benefits that SEO managers or business owners are able to ideate effective SEO strategies in the first place.

As we close

We would like to conclude by saying that cloud hosting is a great choice when it comes down to boosting your website’s SEO or even pushing your rankings. It is much better than stop gap solutions such as making separate html pages to push seo rankings. In fact, if you already have a website and are hesitant towards moving to the cloud, you can know more about how to migrate to cloud without losing your SEO. If you have any views or feedback for us, please leave the same in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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