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AWS launches new EFS storage class that cuts costs in half

Amazon World wide web Expert services (AWS) has introduced a new storage class that’s made for workloads that really do not have to have a significant level of availability.

In contrast to the conventional Amazon Elastic File Program (EFS), the freshly released Just one Zone storage class will enable buyers save fees if they are applying AWS for use instances, these kinds of as for hosting advancement and establish environments, which really do not require to financial institution on conventional EFS’ significant-availability features.

“I am delighted to announce Amazon EFS Just one Zone storage lessons, minimizing storage fees by 47% when compared to Amazon EFS Conventional storage lessons,” shared Channy Yun, a Principal Developer Advocate for AWS.

Charges rewards

Illustrating the require for the Just one Zone storage class, Yun explains that the new class is made to enable save fees for buyers that use AWS for programs these kinds of as analytics and simulation and media transcoding, which really do not have to have the maximum ranges of availability and toughness available by the conventional EFS lessons.

Yun illustrates the price discounts by sharing that the new Just one Zone storage class can lessen the price of cloud storage efficiently to $.043/GB-month for consumers who have turned on EFS lifecycle administration features and really do not accessibility a bulk of their details frequently.

This would make the new storage class handy and price effective for storing replicas, or backup copies of on-premises details. Yun indicates it is also ideal for programs that have crafted-in replication and significant-availability features and will allow for consumers of these kinds of apps to save on the fees of the conventional EFS storage lessons.

“We are launching two new single AZ storage lessons, Amazon EFS Just one Zone – $.sixteen/GB-month in the situation of the US East (N. Virginia) Location, and Amazon EFS Just one Zone-Rare Access (Just one Zone-IA) – $.0133 GB-month in the situation of the US East (N. Virginia) Location,” shares Yun adding that all file devices that use both of the Just one Zone storage lessons are configured with an automatic backup plan by using AWS Backup.