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Ecobee SmartThermostat vs. Nest Learning Thermostat

Wise thermostats can save you time and income when handling your home’s comfort and ease degree. They adapt to your day-to-day regimen to make confident your heating or cooling is jogging only when you need to have it. No additional concerns about forgetting to flip off the AC prior to heading out — your sensible thermostat has bought you lined. 

Two of the greatest on the sector are the Ecobee SmartThermostat and the Nest Mastering Thermostat. They’re very similar in price tag and share some of the exact options. How then do you pick? 

This guideline will protect every single sensible thermostat’s options so you can look at. Although Ecobee and Nest thermostats are very similar in many methods, some distinctive distinctions may support you make a determination on which sensible thermostat is greatest for you.




  • three.three-inch complete-color exhibit

  • Obtainable in stainless steel, white, black, polished steel, copper, brass and mirror black

  • Google Assistant voice help, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT

  • Multi-property help

  • Appropriate with 95% of 24V HVAC programs

The Nest Mastering Thermostat can efficiently software itself to control your home’s temperature dependent on your regimen. 


What will make this sensible thermostat so ground breaking is the studying tech. It watches what you are executing and follows your routine to learn how to take care of your home’s comfort and ease degree improved. The target is to obtain the harmony between effectiveness and usefulness. Finest of all, the full system happens at the rear of the scenes. For illustration, every single time the Farsight tech greets you by lighting up and giving you: a weather conditions, property temperature and time update, it’s studying additional about your movements and routine. 


Part of the cause Nest Mastering Thermostats are so sensible is that they have sensors so they can additional efficiently take care of your home’s natural environment. The thermostat has six sensors:

  • Temperature: Screens your room’s temperature

  • Humidity: Steps a room’s humidity degree

  • Proximity: To detect close by objects

  • Occupancy: Identifies when a person is in the place

  • Ambient light-weight: Steps the total of light-weight in a place

  • Magnetic: Finds the place of the ring on the thermostat

The Nest Mastering Thermostat is built-in with additional sensors than other devices. Even so, they’re only capable of monitoring the place around the thermostat. To clear up its limits, you can normally include distant sensors in other rooms. The Nest thermostat is sensor-appropriate so that you can include distant temperature sensors, obtainable in a pack of a few for
$ninety nine

$39.ninety nine

every single. 

Design and style

Nest’s thermostat style and design is outstanding to Ecobee’s. The round dial that lights up when a person is in the place, as well as the dial in a steel end in 7 hues, provides the thermostat a present day, designer glance. You can even transform the exhibit to an analog glance or retain it electronic. 


You can control the thermostat in a number of methods. Acquire a palms-off solution and enable the gadget learn your regimen to take care of your routine or use Google Assistant/Alexa voice instructions. The thermostat is also appropriate with the Nest and Google Voice application so that you can control several sensors straight from your smartphone. Or you can get the aged-school solution of making alterations by turning the wall dial and urgent the exhibit. 

Multi-property help

Nest’s software sets it apart from other sensible thermostats. One particular of the most helpful options for folks with a number of devices found in distinctive properties is Multi-property help. You can join and control up to twenty thermostats for each property directly from your account. Signing in with your Nest account allows you to take care of thermostats in up to a few properties. Google Home supports up to 5 properties. 


In accordance to Google, putting in a Nest Mastering Thermostat does not get additional than thirty minutes. You can also refer to the Google Nest Mastering installation video clip for a visible installation walkthrough. One particular essential depth is the c-wire. You can install the thermostat with out a c-wire, which isn’t really probable with the Ecobee SmartThermostat.

Environment up the preliminary routine is also very simple — you can do it by way of the cellular application or on the thermostat itself by following the steps both gadget provides you. To get begun, push the thermostat confront, flip the outer dial clockwise till you get to the calendar icon and push the thermostat all over again when you are all set to make a range. 

Nest Mastering Thermostat Pros:

  • Learns your routine instantly

  • Trendy, intuitive style and design

  • Integrated with six sensors

  • Control up to a few properties that contains up to twenty thermostats every single

  • Screens your HVAC method to catch probable difficulties early

  • Distant sensor appropriate

Nest Mastering Thermostat Drawbacks:




  • three.5-inch complete-color Lcd touchscreen

  • Designed-in Alexa voice control and speaker

  • Appropriate with HVAC programs with up to  four phases of heating and two phases of cooling (4H/2C)

  • Incorporates one particular distant temperature SmartSensor

The Ecobee SmartThermostat is additional than a temperature controller — it has a designed-in Alexa speaker and can join to a Bluetooth speaker to include music functionality. 

Scheduling and temperature settings

The Ecobee SmartThermostat also learns and adapts your routine to reduce your home’s vitality use. The scheduling functionality is additional calendar-dependent, which may be additional acquainted to set up than Nest’s adaptive design. 

Ecobee has a unique aspect known as Comply with Me. If you have distant sensors set up in other rooms, they do the job jointly to obtain the rooms folks are in to alter the temperature setting appropriately. 


Ecobee arrives with one particular distant temperature sensor that can be set up in a distinctive place. Besides the provided sensor, the thermostat has four built-in sensors for:

  • Humidity

  • Occupancy

  • Proximity

  • Temperature


What sets the Ecobee apart from the Nest thermostat is the seem functionality. Ecobee has an built-in Alexa speaker and microphone, proclaiming it’s the world’s initially thermostat that is built-in with Alexa — and now Siri. In addition, Spotify is now provided so you can listen to your favourite tunes directly from the thermostat. 

Right before you get swayed by the strategy of piping music from your Ecobee, make confident you’d actually tune in to Spotify from the thermostat’s area. It may not be as functional if the thermostat is found in a hallway. However, the thermostat can also join to a Bluetooth speaker to supply improved seem high quality from a additional optimal area. 

Design and style

Ecobee’s thermostat does not have the most interesting style and design, in particular when in contrast to the Nest. Even so, the substantial exhibit will make it much easier to software the thermostat, transform the settings and view experiences. There are no body color options, even though introducing color to an by now substantial wall gadget that lacks sophistication may be a blunder. 


Ecobee has its very own cellular application that allows you to software and alter your home’s settings from a sensible gadget. Or you can software your thermostat straight from the wall gadget. As pointed out by now, Siri and Alexa are designed-in, so you can command your thermostat to make alterations. And if you have an Apple HomePod or HomePod mini, you can pair it with the thermostat to combine it with your sensible property automation. 

Ecobee SmartThermostat Pros:

  • Incorporates one particular distant sensor

  • Integrated Alexa speaker

  • Appropriate with Google Assistant and Siri

  • Supports Spotify

  • Connects to Bluetooth speakers

Ecobee SmartThermostat Drawbacks:

Which is the right one particular for you?

Producing a selection between Nest and Ecobee’s most aspect-packed thermostats isn’t really straightforward. They’re each condition-of-the-art with machine studying. They can each expand by introducing distant temperature sensors. Ecobee includes one particular with the thermostat — you’d need to have to obtain one particular separately if you pick Nest.

If you still can’t come to a decision between an Ecobee thermostat or Nest Mastering Thermostat, there are a few methods to solution the determination. You’ll need to have to talk to on your own if obtaining a designed-in music speaker is something you’d use. If so, the Ecobee SmartThermostat is the one particular. 

Even so, how vital is style and design to you? The Nest thermostat’s 7 color finishes are stunning and contain bronze and copper. If the gadget is mounted in a prominent place, you may want to pick the Nest Mastering Thermostat. 

The last determination to make is about your home’s wiring. If you have a C-wire set up, then you can pick both thermostat. Even so, if you do not, the Nest thermostat is your only solution considering the fact that it does not need to have to join to one particular to do the job. You could normally have an electrician include a c-wire connection if you are sold on the Ecobee, but modifying wiring may not be probable if you rent. 

Are there options truly worth looking at?

This overview compares what we feel are the two greatest sensible thermostats obtainable right now. The options lack many of the options reviewed. 

Even so, if you should look at options to come to feel relaxed about your final determination, take into account the following:

  • Honeywell Home T9: $169.ninety nine

    . The T9 is a lot less expensive than Ecobee and Nest’s thermostats reviewed and is appropriate with Google Assistant and Alexa.

  • Nest Thermostat: $129.ninety nine

    . If the Nest Mastering and Ecobee SmartThermostat have additional options than you need to have and are way too complicated for you to understand, the Nest Thermostat is a more simple, pared-down sensible thermostat. 

  • Ecobee3 lite: $149.ninety nine

    . If you like anything about the Ecobee SmartSensor except for the Spotify/speaker integration, the Ecobee3 lite is a great different. You’ll save some income. 

Ecobee SmartThermostat vs Nest Mastering Thermostat FAQ

What is a c-wire and why do I need to have one particular?

A C-wire stands for ‘common wire’. Most sensible thermostats need to have to join to the c-wire to operate. Even so, the c-wire isn’t really normally set up except you live in a not too long ago-designed household. The wire runs from your 24V HVAC method to have steady electrical power to your sensible thermostat. The smart gadget can’t remain related to your property community to retain the thermostat jogging with out it.

What is the major distinction between the Ecobee thermostat vs. Nest Mastering Thermostat?

If you are evaluating the Ecobee SmartThermostat and Nest Mastering Thermostat, the major distinction is the designed-in Alexa speaker in the Ecobee. The company promises that it’s the initially sensible thermostat in the world to include in a designed-in speaker and Alexa. In addition, the thermostat is appropriate with Spotify to stream music. The thermostat generally gets to be a wall-mounted speaker that can control your home’s temperature.

Do I need to have a distant sensor for my sensible thermostat?

You do not need to have to obtain a distant temperature sensor for your home’s sensible thermostat. Even so, obtaining one particular expands your sensible thermostat’s abilities. Imagine about it this way —  a sensible thermostat can only supply information and facts for the place it’s found in. A distant temperature sensor can be positioned in a distinctive place, such as a bed room upstairs so that you can watch two zones rather of one particular. 

If your property has areas that you often use that have a tendency to get extremely warm or drafty, monitoring the temperature in the distinct place can support you make adjustments to make the zone additional relaxed.