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Equinix to act as major interconnection point for SUB.CO’s OAC cable system – Networking

Equinix Perth PE2 facility

Equinix is set to act as a “strategic interconnection level” at both finishes of Australia’s newest global subsea data cable procedure, the Oman Australia Cable (OAC).

The OAC instantly connects Muscat in Oman to Perth, offering a small latency path from Australia to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as soon as finished.

Equinix mentioned in a statement that its Perth PE2 and Muscat MC1 data centres will act as strategic interconnection factors for the 9800km cable procedure. 

The cable landed in Perth in July this year and was developed by the Bevan Slattery-backed SUB.CO.

The cable will also land in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, with development however underway.

The challenge is set to be finished in 2022 and will also join to the Indigo Cable Procedure as section of a new ‘Great Southern Route’ concerning the US, Australia and EMEA.

SUB.CO founder Bevan Slattery said selecting Equinix “is a different critical ingredient of making certain OAC’s results, given their world-wide abilities and adaptable strategy.”

“Developing OAC was really vital for us, as a critical new route to mitigate towards the pitfalls inherent in systems that traverse from Asia to EMEA through the Strait of Malacca,” Slattery mentioned.

The strait is a narrow stretch of drinking water concerning Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is a main shipping artery and route taken by undersea cables, and individuals two do not combine: there are much more cable cuts in the strait than normal [pdf], and these incidents are really hard to stay clear of.

Equinix Australia controlling director Dude Danskine mentioned “Perth is an vital expansion market” for the organization and “a strategic interconnection level into Asia and now the [Middle East and North Africa] thanks to the OAC.”