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EVGA’s broken RTX 3090 graphics cards were victims of ‘poor workmanship’

EVGA has performed an investigation into the incidents in which some of its RTX 3090 graphics cards finished up currently being bricked for the gamers of the beta of Amazon’s MMO, New Planet.

If you recall this affair – which at the time was assumed to supposedly affect other cards aside from EVGA’s, which includes AMD Radeon GPUs – the failures happened when frame rates in the main menu shot as a result of the roof (with a limiter subsequently currently being set in by Amazon to cap the highest fps in the menu).

As Computer system Planet stories, EVGA has now performed a article-mortem on the useless RTX 3090 graphics cards – the company clarifies that the bricked boards had been minimal to this design – of which there had been 24, and uncovered that a ‘rare’ issue associated to the soldering was to blame.

EVGA noticed that it had run an X-ray investigation which uncovered “poor workmanship” in conditions of the soldering close to the MOSFET circuits with impacted graphics cards, and that these boards had been all built past 12 months, in a compact batch made early on in its output run of RTX 3090s.

The card maker even further clarified that there had been no difficulties close to cooling difficulties or overheating creating the failures, underlining that the admirer controller and temperature monitoring of the RTX 3090s was not at fault listed here (a principle floated back at the time).

That said, EVGA stated that it did without a doubt surface to be the case that the admirer controller was not operating effectively when New World’s main menu pushed frame rates sky-significant, but that ‘noise on the i2c bus’ induced components monitoring equipment (like GPU-Z) to misreport the admirer controller’s behavior.

A recently deployed micro-controller update guarantees that the admirer controller is now reported effectively in these sorts of utilities, assuming you’re functioning the latest versions of these monitoring equipment as nicely as obtaining applied that EVGA update.

A different appealing place listed here is that EVGA did get keep of the beta develop of New Planet which sparked the failures, but could not replicate the issue alone.

Analysis: Disappointing top quality manage – but a swift treatment at least

With a flagship graphics card, we wouldn’t expect to be struggling due to any hints of “poor workmanship”, and we absolutely would expect a far better top quality manage method to choose up on any main difficulties like this (no matter of how early it was in a output run). Significantly when you contemplate the eye-watering charge of grabbing yourself an RTX 3090.

On a extra positive take note, EVGA did replace these bricked 3090s as you could possibly expect, and moreover the organization stresses that it right away transported out alternative boards to those people who had been impacted, without the need of waiting around for the damaged cards to be despatched back.

In some means, it is arguable that Amazon’s MMO could have carried out entrepreneurs of these unique EVGA RTX 3090 styles a favor in breaking them at the time, instead than the soldering trouble creating a catastrophic failure later on on (when the card is out of warranty possibly).