Major Limitations Of Free WordPress Hosting & How To Avoid Them? | by  Aadhira Jayaprakash | Medium

When creating and managing a website, one of the most popular platforms people use is WordPress. WordPress empowers approximately 46% of the websites all over the internet. 

However, the website on WordPress surely needs a reliable WordPress web domain and hosting. For hosting, you will come across two options: one is Free WordPress Hosting, and the other is paid or the best WordPress Hosting services from reliable hosting providers. 

WordPress Hosting is a tempting and cost-effective option for many people, but don’t forget it comes with various limitations. 

So, in this article, we will explore the disadvantages of using Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel or more and the simple ways to avoid them.

Limitation of Free WordPress Hosting

  • Restriction on Hosting Resources 

The first and foremost requirement for any website owner is ample bandwidth and storage space, among other elements, to maintain great website performance. 

However, if you opt for Free WordPress Hosting, then you will get limited storage, restricted bandwidth, and file size limitations, making plugin installation challenging. 

  • Limited Themes, Plugins and Customisation Options 

A few Free WordPress Hosting plans do not allow the use of your unique domain name without adding their domain. It can cause a poor reputation or lack of trust from the potential users, creating a gap and causing a loss of sales.

Moreover, some Free WordPress Hosting plans also minimise customisation scope by limiting the type and category of plugins and themes allowed for integration.

  • Poor Performance 

With Free WordPress Hosting, you also have to face poor performance,  as in this, numerous websites are hosted on a single server. It means compromising one website on the server can impact all others.

  • Lack of Customer and Technical Support

Customers and technical support in technical things are a must. They are highly beneficial to solve any technical issues promptly and mitigate the risk of losses in terms of reputation and revenue. 

However, with Free WordPress Hosting, you can’t leverage the benefit of the required customer and technical support, which might be challenging, especially for people with no prior technical knowledge.

  • Lack of Security Features 

With Free WordPress Hosting you will get a lack of security features that can create security concerns. 

It may result in exposing your website to vulnerabilities like malware, hacking, and other cyber threats.

How to Avoid Limitations of Free WordPress Hosting 

  1. Invest in reliable and the best WordPress Hosting providers that offer ample resources and security features to host your website; it will ensure the higher performance and safety of your website.
  2. Invest in premium themes and plugins that will provide our higher quality, performance, and functionality. It will also help you to improve user experiences and make your site more appealing to visitors.
  3. Invest in cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox for storing large files and media. It will help you mitigate the limitation of storage space.

Wrapping Up

Free WordPress Hosting may work for you or tempt you, but it can be helpful for some and a short period. However, you should be aware of its limitations and then take the necessary steps to avoid them.

It is always advisable to find and invest in the best WordPress Hosting in Singapore and focus on business development. 

Always remember that web hosting is like a foundation for a website, and a strong foundation makes it easy to achieve greater heights and success.