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To establish the online presence of a website, it is essential to acquire a domain name from a trustworthy domain registrar. A domain name is your brand’s unique online identity, serving as your website’s online address. Different domain extensions are available, each serving different purposes for different businesses.

When someone buys domains, there are various associated questions. If you are new to Domain Hosting, you might come across terms that don’t make sense to you.

That is why we are including frequently asked questions in this article to help you understand NZ Domain Names better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Names

  • Q: Why is a Domain Name Important?

Registering a domain name is crucial for establishing your business online with its own website. It is the fundamental requirement for most businesses to thrive and succeed.

  • Q: Who is Responsible for Governing All Domain Names?

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization responsible for governing all domain names.

  • Q: What Should I Do After Registering the Domain Name to Make it Work for Me?

Once you have registered your domain name, you must provide the details to your technical advisor or website builder. They will handle the necessary steps to make your domain name functional for your website.

  • Q: Do I Need to Renew my Domain Registration?

Domain names require renewal either annually or once every two years, depending on the registration period you choose.

  • Q: What is an Accredited Domain Registrar?

To register a domain in NZ, you need a domain registrar. An accredited domain registrar is a registrar that has received accreditation from ICANN to act as a domain registrar. They comply with specific rules and regulations to protect domain registrants.

  • Q: How Can I Check the Successful Registration of a Domain Name?

You can check the successful registration of a domain name by looking up the WHOIS record. Many registrars offer this lookup functionality, or you can use the WHOIS tool ICANN provides.

  • Q: What Can I Do if the Domain Name I Want is Already Taken?

If the domain name you desire is already taken, you can contact the current domain registrant to inquire if they are willing to sell. Alternatively, you can place a back order and participate in an auction if multiple people express interest in the domain.

  • Q: Can I Transfer My Domain to Another Domain Registrar?

Yes, as the domain name’s owner, you can transfer your domain to another domain registrar.

  • Q: Can I Change the Name of a Registered Domain?

No, once you register a domain name, you cannot change its name. If you made a mistake, the recommended approach is to register the correct domain separately and let the original domain expire after one year.

  • Q: Is it Necessary to Register Misspellings of My Domain Name?

Registering misspellings of your domain name is unnecessary unless you have significant traffic where misspelled domains become meaningful.


When purchasing a domain name, choosing a domain host that meets all your requirements is crucial. After the domain name search, ensure you opt for a domain host with a proven track record of effectively serving users over the years. Additionally, check if the domain provider offers access to prompt and reliable customer support for efficiently resolving any issues that may arise.