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How the iPhone 12 pro max Changed the Technological World

How the iPhone 12 pro max Changed the Technological World

Macintosh Classic succeeded in changing the function of paper thanks to the help of Microsoft Excel in 1985, then followed by the presence of PowerPoint that accompanied the arrival of Power Book in 1991. From here all technology trends began to slowly change. Apple itself as a form of an effort to change the world has released its newest smartphone, namely buy iPhone 12 pro max, a smartphone equipped with built-in technology, and the first 5G network for Apple has won a lot in the market.

The number of enthusiasts or requests since its release shows how enthusiastic people are about Apple and also how committed Apple is in its efforts to develop and or advance world technology. Although through its products being developed and released.

The smartphone released by Apple this time has experienced many differences from the previous iPhone series. In addition to the 5G technology it carries, Apple also implements LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) which has many functions, an optical remote sensing technology that measures the properties of scattered light to find distance and/or other information from distant targets.