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How To Protect Your MailBox From Spam Mails?

How to Stop Junk Email (Ultimate Spam Prevention Guide)

Spam or unsolicited emails are annoying. They clog your mailbox with unwanted information from companies, organizations, people, or services. It is difficult to get rid of all these spam emails from your email account, but you can avoid most of those from reaching your inbox. In addition, if you are a business or website owner, you can prevent sending spam emails through effective webmail hosting or a Business Email

When you purchase hosting solutions from your web hosting provider, choosing Business Email Hosting can help your website send spam and unnecessary emails to your customers. 

Spammers access and find your email address through open-source platforms or other ways like subscriptions. Nonetheless, you can avoid spam mails from destroying your mail inbox by implementing the following useful tips. 

Tips to Protect Your Mailbox from Spam Mails

  1. Do not easily reveal your email address 

It is important to keep your email address private and not let anyone get hold of it easily, especially untrustworthy entities. Therefore, it is recommended not to post your email address on public platforms. For such websites or promotional activities, provide an alternate throwaway email address. Revealing your email address on such public forums lets spammers get hold of it and send unwanted and spam emails on your way. 

  1. Setup email filters for spam detection

Depending on your Business Email service, there is generally an option to create email filters. These filters are responsible for automatically sending emails or messages with some subject line or from a particular email sent directly to your email’s trash or junk folder. 

Therefore, you must check your hosting provider’s guidelines or features for spam detection or removal while choosing a suitable Business Email Hosting service. 

  1. Report or block spam email senders

When you receive an unexpected spam email, it is recommended to directly report or block it without opening the email in your inbox. Sometimes spammers send the emails through multiple email addresses, and even after blocking, you might continue to receive emails from these spammers. But, if you receive emails from the same email address, block that email address to stop receiving emails from them. 

If you cannot report a certain email address, you can contact your email hosting provider to help resolve the issue. 

  1. Unsubscribe to the promotional emails

Often promotional emails are not counted or considered spam because you subscribed to their newsletters or products and services, and the organization does not misuse or abuse this information. However, they might have the permission to share your personal information according to the specific privacy policy clauses. 

Before you sign up for such promotion or marketing email campaigns, it is advisable to read their website’s privacy policy and check if they share their customer’s information with third-party entities. 

In addition, if you find it annoying and frustrating to receive multiple promotional emails at regular intervals, you can unsubscribe from them if you no longer find them relevant. 

  1. Do not click on links or buy products from spam emails

This point is obvious, but sometimes we can feel tempted or curious to check what products or services lie behind the links. But by doing so, you are giving access to your personal information to these spammers, which can lead to even more spam and unwanted emails receiving on your email inbox. 

Summing Up

Spam emails are common, but it is your responsibility to eliminate as many of them as possible to avoid your inbox overloading. First, when you create Business Email accounts with a Professional Email Hosting service from your web hosting provider, check for the spam filter and detection measures they provide for a better experience. Then, you can avoid as many spam emails as possible from attacking your Business Email inbox by implementing the tips mentioned above.