Is the future of television threatened by Video-on-Demand?

Broadcasters fear falling revenues as viewers switch to on-demand ...

For a very long time, television has been the major electronics we use for watching motion pictures. However, with the invention of computers, smartphones, and currently Video-on-Demand (VOD) platforms, television now seems to have a lot of competition. There are now individuals who can claim that they have been watching their favorite programs and movies, but they have not watched television for over a year. Thus, there are now speculations that VOD might overthrow television in the long run. This article will attempt to discuss the advantages of television and VOD as well as if they would be able to overthrow television.

Advantages of Television
Some advantages come with using television to watch programs. Televisions are electronics that have been an essential part of the ideal living room and bedroom in several homes. It would look odd to walk into a living room, especially a tastefully furnished living room without a television in it. Furthermore, with television, it is easier for several people to watch programs at the same time compared to most other devices for watching videos including computers and mobile phones. Thus, there will always be televisions in public places such as offices and bars. With smart televisions, it is possible to install apps on your television and also watch videos on demand. Several people prefer to still watch television programs as opposed to videos on demand and there will always be. In most cases, the mix of the 2 options has been what has kept people going. From VHS to CD and DVD, people could watch a movie when they want to do so or switch to a television channel when they want to watch a television station.

Advantages of Videos-on-Demand
There are two major advantages to VOD. The first advantage is that people can watch what they want to watch at any time. This implies that if they want to watch a particular movie, they could just switch to the movie and start watching. This is as opposed to normal television programs where contents that you are not interested in could be airing for hours and you would either have to check other channels, switch off the television, or watch a movie. Thus, with Video-on-Demand, you decide what you want to watch as opposed to someone else deciding what you should watch, which will sometimes not be in line with what you want to watch. The second major advantage is that it is possible to move around with some of the devices on which you can watch your video-on-demand, such as your phones and computers. Thus, even when you are in transit or during your free time at work, you might be bored and you can decide to watch a video. You can read cable-tv reviews to see the benefits and advantages other people who are using the Video-on-Demand platform are getting from it.

Videos –on-demand will not be taking the place of television. If there is any electronic that might go extinct as a result of videos-on-demand, it would be CDs and DVDs. Video-on-demand will become one of the things that you can do with your television apart from watching your normal television programs. This implies that in the future, only smart televisions with Internet connectivity will be sold. There would still be options to watch local stations, connect your decoders, and watch Videos-on-demand.

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