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LOCUS: A Multi-Sensor Lidar-Centric Solution for High-Precision Odometry and 3D Mapping in Real-Time

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Accurate and reliable odometry (the estimation of robotic motion) is essential in autonomous robotic behaviors. At the moment, LiDAR sensors are employed to provide large-fidelity, lengthy-assortment 3D measurements. Nonetheless, they can struggle in tricky configurations, like in the existence of fog, dust, and smoke, or the deficiency of outstanding perceptual attributes.

Image credit history: BrokenSphere by way of Wikimedia, CC BY-SA three.

A current review proposes LOCUS (Lidar Odometry for Regular procedure in Unsure Options). It permits sturdy genuine-time odometry in perceptually-stressing configurations. Diverse sensor inputs are related in a loosely-coupled switching plan so that the method can withstand the decline or fail of some sensor channels. Furthermore, it can be flexibly tailored to diverse units with varying sensor inputs and computational.  Experiments display the superiority of LOCUS in phrases of precision, computation time, and robustness when as opposed to state-of-the-artwork algorithms.

A reliable odometry supply is a prerequisite to enable elaborate autonomy behaviour in future-era robots running in excessive environments. In this function, we current a large-precision lidar odometry method to realize sturdy and genuine-time procedure under difficult perceptual disorders. LOCUS (Lidar Odometry for Regular procedure in Unsure Options), offers an accurate multi-phase scan matching unit equipped with an health and fitness-informed sensor integration module for seamless fusion of supplemental sensing modalities. We appraise the general performance of the proposed method in opposition to state-of-the-artwork procedures in perceptually difficult environments, and display leading-class localization precision together with substantial enhancements in robustness to sensor failures. We then display genuine-time general performance of LOCUS on many kinds of robotic mobility platforms concerned in the autonomous exploration of the Satsop power plant in Elma, WA in which the proposed method was a crucial aspect of the CoSTAR team’s resolution that gained first put in the City Circuit of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge.

Backlink: https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.14447

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