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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s ‘ultra thin glass’ put to test in new durability video

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A single of Samsung’s most enjoyable design and style evolutions on the Galaxy Z Flip would have to be its foldable Ultra Skinny Glass (UTG) show, which is reported to be a sizeable phase-up from the plastic screen the organization employed on its Galaxy Fold.

Even though the use of the entire world ‘glass’ may suggest a show that is tougher than the plastic we have found on previous foldable products, such as the new Motorola Razr, it’s seemingly just as inclined to injury, in accordance to a new longevity take a look at video from YouTuber Zack Nelson at JerryRigEverything.

In the video demonstration previously mentioned, Nelson topics the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen to a collection of more and more hard picks from Mohs’ Hardness Examination Package, which distressingly starts to show scratches and indentations in the show from the second stage onwards. 

According to The Verge, scratches ordinarily start out to appear about the test’s sixth hardness stage on most modern day smartphones, with “deeper grooves” rising following that.

Nelson goes on to utilize a naked flame to the show, which starts to warp like plastic following a couple seconds. Lastly, Nelson employs a fantastic level to poke holes via the screen, which does not shatter like typical glass, but does permanently ruin the pixels underneath, leaving strains across the length of the show.

Following his longevity take a look at, Nelson provides the theory that the Galaxy Z Flip’s show is probably designed of “hybrid plastic polymer with minimal specks of glass elements inside of,” which would definitely be considered misleading on Samsung’s section given the hefty emphasis on glass in its promotion about the system.

Samsung’s reaction

Responding to a ask for for remark from The Verge, Samsung claims that its “first-of-its-type UTG technological innovation is diverse from other Galaxy flagship products,” further stating that, “even though the show does bend, it need to be dealt with with treatment.”

Samsung also goes on to include that the “Galaxy Z Flip has a protecting layer on top of the UTG identical to Galaxy Fold.”

If that is without a doubt the situation, it’s feasible that numerous of the test’s early scratches and markings may possibly be happening to the protecting layer on your own, which is why the injury is happening specifically as it would on a plastic screen.

Of study course, that wouldn’t clarify why the ‘glass’ refrains from shattering when a gap is poked straight via it.

Samsung goes on to condition that it will be providing Galaxy Z Flip entrepreneurs a “a single-time screen substitution” for $119 (about £91 / AU$177). It’ll also be launching a system soon for a totally free screen protector that “will be applied by a specialist with the good gear to align and utilize it.”

Must you be anxious?

At $1,380 / £1,three hundred (about AU$two,050), the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is an high-priced system, so the plan of its screen finding scratched and broken quickly is understandably unsettling. 

That reported, it’s not likely the normal Galaxy Z Flip proprietor is likely to close up inflicting their system to this kind of punishment – especially when you just take into consideration that the chamshell’s screen is very properly guarded when shut (which would be the majority of the time).

Of study course, the genuine concern is irrespective of whether the Galaxy Z Flip will succumb to scratches and indentations through every day use – particularly when it comes to fingernailspressing on the show.

Our information? Be extra mindful of how you tackle the Galaxy Z Flip when open up, and keep away from pressing down hard on the show with your fingernails.

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