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Should I Follow the Trend While Planning My Website Update?

Online presence is everything in today’s world. A strong website with a unique and effective...
Top 10 Web Development Trends & Technologies for 2020

Online presence is everything in today’s world. A strong website with a unique and effective online presence can help you win hundreds of audiences a day. A scrawny online presence can be a total match breaker for your business. 

This is where trends enter. Yes, you heard it right, but this time it is not just about the mere hashtag trends of social media but website designing trends. You may be worried about whether to ask your website support and maintenance professional to follow trends or lead. Well, you have come to just the right place. Hopefully, you will be able to decide whether or not to follow trends. 

Whether to Follow or Lead?

Good design is what you need for your website. But, you cannot deny the fact that it may have to go through website updates and maintenance. The transition and updates in technology and other significant factors pave the path for design works and how they must be applied. 

An effective design is adapting according to the current trends in the market; this will continue. You would have to keep up with most of the trends that come along your way. 

But, keeping it original is also a necessity of every brand. Think of every designer who had followed each other; would we ever be able to land up with new trends? The answer will be a straight no. Even though it is quite essential to follow the trend, you should never let go of innovating new elements.

Thinking outside of the box is as essential as following the newest trends. Thinking of new technologies and bringing them to life has made the website design market as you see it today. 

Trends in Website Design Company Columbus

The knack of people to follow what is popular is the primary factor behind the existence of trends. Hope you have understood why they exist and why designers are on board with following trends. Multiple website design company Columbus will suggest you follow some trends with a fine mix of innovation in them. 

One of the most notable examples of a brand that continually adapts is Google. It offers you forward-thinking yet follows almost all trends that come its way. Take a note from google and indulge yourself in learning the significance of trends. 

But, following the trend should never mean copying from your competitors. Instead, you must keep your design original that appeals to your audience. You will have to keep transcending the urgency of the ongoing trends while still applying the crucial elements to your design. 

Ensure that you keep it easy for your audience and user to understand simple gestures, tones, headings, and symbols while keeping up with the trends and adding uniqueness. 

Trends to Follow for Your Website Update and Maintenance

No matter the niche of your website, there are always some trends that keep on refining the designs and their styles. If your website development company Columbus has come up with the proposal to follow trends, you must educate yourself about them. Here is the list that you will be suggested to follow – 

Photography Alongside Graphics 

This is a combination of photography and illustration in a graphic form, which, when executed appropriately, offers you a modern, eye-catchy, and stylish design element. This trend has been known for its potential of grabbing attention. 

Appropriately Using Size and Space 

More extensive texts tend to grab the attention of the viewer. Hence, ask your website design company Columbus to focus on your page’s most crucial copy and make it larger. You need to ensure that there is appropriate space around every word, phrase, or copy. 

Smartphone Friendly Website 

Most of your audience is viewing or using your website from their smartphone. Hence, you need to ensure that your website is completely mobile compatible, including your e-commerce section. Out of any other trends, this is the one that you must follow. 

Adequate Usage of Color 

Color can help you gain your audience’s attention wherever you want to be, given that you are using it correctly. Avoid cluttering yourself with elements that are not necessary for your page. Use a different color to stand out of your main color pallet of the page. This can be your call to action text. 

Speedy Loading of Website

More than 30% of your user will not wait for any longer than 5 seconds to load your web page. Thus, you need to be sure that your website is fast and does not take longer than 3 seconds to load. This is another element you can add to your website support and maintenance

Keeping It Clutter-Free 

It is essential to add important stuff to your website. But you need to keep yourself at a mile’s distance from adding unnecessary stuff to your website. You need to ensure that it is entirely clutter-free. Keeping in mind, you have provided ample space around all the texts and images.