5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting has much potential to increase your website performance. When you have high website traffic and want the best Web Hosting and Domain services for your website, select a Dedicated Server.

In Dedicated Server Hosting, the resources are not shared among others, and you get an entire physical server solely dedicated to your unique needs. Thus, it can keep your website safe from unnecessary security issues, provide higher uptime, and perform better than other hosting platforms.

Different types of Dedicated Hosting Servers are available to choose from, such as Windows and Linux. This article explains why having Windows Dedicated hosting can benefit your business and your website.

What is Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is a website hosting platform that allows its client to rent a physical server running on the Windows operating system. If you are searching for the best Dedicated Server Hosting services that are user-friendly with a known interface, Windows Dedicated Servers in NZ can be your ideal choice.

  • Key features of Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting provides the following features:

  1. Windows Hosting supports ASP (Active Server Pages), a basic web framework that helps create dynamic web pages.
  2. FrontPage is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web page creator. With this feature, you can easily create pages and forms and upload them to your website.
  3. Windows Hosting offers the .NET framework, which provides many solutions, including security, connectivity, application development, and more. This feature enables streaming media services, allowing you to serve audio and video content to the public. It is often used by websites that feature music or movie trailers.
  4. Access is a database system that is the backbone for various applications.
  5. Windows Hosting allows you to use MS SQL, a relational database often utilized with technologies like Cold Fusion or ASP.

Reasons to Choose Windows Dedicated Hosting

Following are the reasons to select Windows Dedicated Hosting.

  1. Affordable Pricing

Windows servers are generally more expensive. However, the price difference has become less significant in most web hosts. Windows platform offers comparable systems in terms of cost.

  1. Availability of Different Features

Windows platforms provide a variety of features to help you achieve your goals. You can run scripts and create pages, blogs, and forums.

  1. Improved Performance

Due to their all-in-one nature, Windows platforms can sometimes experience slight performance slowdowns. However, these differences are usually negligible and may go unnoticed.

  1. Security

Windows is a popular and secure operating system. However, it has potential vulnerabilities that it takes seriously and has improved security with time. In addition, they have qualified IT managers and employ strict monitoring software to mitigate security issues effectively.


If you need a user-friendly Dedicated Server, opting for a Windows-based Dedicated Hosting platform is a viable choice. While you may need help with both Windows and Linux, we recommend choosing Windows Dedicated Hosting without concerns. These Dedicated Hosting Services offer speed, reliability, and high security, providing various website hosting advantages. 

Additionally, they provide a range of online options and efficient tools for effective website management. Therefore, selecting a Windows Dedicated Hosting is the correct decision.