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How Data-Driven Investments Paid Off in Pandemic

When places to eat shut down, they set off a chain response all the way up the source chain. Here’s how one regional gourmet foods distributor was capable to pivot speedily.

Can becoming info-pushed enable businesses take care of by way of a crisis as huge as the economic fallout from the coronavirus? Loads of businesses are facing that check appropriate now as they look to their earlier investments, these types of as info management, info analytics, and cloud computing to enable them by way of an unparalleled time.

Among the prime industries to feel the economic strike from a

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Pregnant During the Pandemic: How Does COVID-19 Affect Expecting Women and Their Babies?

Establishing fetuses in the womb can be amazingly sensitive to both equally annoying environments and poisonous assaults on their mother’s health and fitness. Bacterial infections with viruses like Zika or varicella, the culprit guiding chickenpox, can lead to serious birth problems — and direct to devastating cognitive problems and visible impairment. But will exposure to COVID-19 wreak the same variety of havoc on expecting moms and their unborn babies?

Ideal now, quite a few investigate groups are investigating the pandemic’s potential impacts on pregnancy. And while a lot of of these projects are continue to in their early stages, the

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SAP Cloud Platform apps deal with pandemic problems

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced unprecedented problems for organizations. Some can be handled with technologies these kinds of as the SAP Cloud System, which has emerged as a signifies to speedily create apps to address certain difficulties prompted by the disaster.

One of these SAP Cloud System apps is SAP4Kids, formulated by SAP and nonprofit firm GenYouth in New York. When the disaster initially began to shut faculties in the U.S., GenYouth CEO Alexis Glick realized there would be a dilemma, as up to 30 million learners rely on faculties for at the very least some foods. The firm gives

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How the Pandemic Impacts U.S. Electricity Usage

As the COVID-19 outbreak swept by Manhattan and the surrounding New York City boroughs before this yr, electric power use dropped as companies shuttered and men and women hunkered down in their properties. Individuals modifications in human behavior became noticeable from house as the nighttime lights of the town that by no means sleeps dimmed by forty percent in between February and April.

That striking visualization of the COVID-19 affect on U.S. electric power usage came from NASA’s “Black Marble” satellite knowledge. U.S. and Chinese researchers are currently using such knowledge resources in what they explain as an unprecedented exertion … Read More

14 IT certifications that will survive and thrive in the pandemic

The pandemic has thrown a ton of what we know in turmoil and hurt some industries more than other people — feel airlines, hospitality/leisure, retail, Large Pharma, oil and some buyer goods. But what has been the in general impact so much on tech professionals and the abilities market? 

I started to reply this query in my last column with a overview of what we have been listening to from many hundred senior tech executives and decision-makers across 40 industries in our investigation partnership foundation. But also, we delivered a large-degree data examination of how dollars spend rates for one,090

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