Fridges, countertop ovens, microwaves and even multicookers all adopted touchscreen shows in the wake of the beginning of the smart house. Now there’s a toaster with a touchscreen. This won’t be the to start with time I concern the strategy of putting a touchscreen on an equipment, and it probably won’t be the very last. 


  • Quickly toasting
  • Smooth design and style
  • East to customise cooking

You should not Like

  • No Wi-Fi or linked smarts
  • Expensive

I have to confess, the Revolution R180 is an eye-catching toaster. It is really also expensive at $300. In legitimate CNET vogue, I sacrificed my at any time-recurring oath to start off a diet program tomorrow and toasted bread, bagels, English muffins, waffles and toaster pastries to find out if this issue is as fantastic as it looks. 

I was stunned to find just how significantly a touchscreen made sense as soon as I started off toasting. A $300 toaster with this many choices just isn’t for everybody, but if you’re really serious about toast or use a toaster frequently, the Revolution R180 is a leading-of-the-line design that presents spectacular precision and customization.

Mobile phone-sizing touchscreen

I will start off with the Revolution R180’s design and style mainly because that significant monitor jumps out at you from across the net. The monitor measures six inches tall, 3.twenty five inches huge and just underneath 7 inches diagonally. Which is just a bit greater than the Iphone eleven Professional Max and pretty much just the exact sizing as the Galaxy Notice 10 Moreover.

In the touchscreen menu, which you will use to pick out and start off all your toasting, you get customizations for audio, monitor brightness and clock show.  


The R180 has a digital or analog clock as the screensaver.

Molly Price/CNET

A brushed stainless metal end surrounds the entrance-struggling with touchscreen. It looks fantastic on my countertop, but the R180 is significantly for a longer time than my outdated Bella design and a bit trickier to organize, supplied the will need to encounter the touchscreen outward on the counter. Like most stainless appliances, it is really a fingerprint magnet, and the touchscreen can get equally smudgy.

Within the toaster, two motorized arms elevate and decrease your food items into the toasting chamber with four walls of heating things. This is a two-slot toaster with each and every slot measuring 1 inch huge and five.twenty five inches very long. The R180 was a lot significant enough for all the items I purchased at my area grocery. 

Speedy toasting

Revolution Cooking expenditures this toaster as “the greatest improvement in heating technological innovation in more than 100 years.” It also claims this substantial-speed toaster will warmth up and toast your bread in a fraction of the time of traditional toasters.  

All those claims are legitimate, thanks to a new, diamond-formed heating element designed by Revolution to use considerably less vitality and warmth up more quickly than classic toaster coils with no burning your bread. In my tests, the darkest toast environment took just 2 minutes, 18 seconds. You will find a fifteen-next reheat solution if you’re just seeking to heat up a slice with no including crispiness. 


The R180’s diamond-formed things warmth more quickly and use considerably less vitality than a classic coil.

Molly Price/CNET

The R180 just isn’t a smart house system. It won’t join to your Wi-Fi or your cellular phone, but algorithms in its software package do determine optimum toast time based mostly on food items type. Revolution states that mainly because there are various dampness levels in breads, the toaster presents five food items options and seven toasting shades to optimize toasting based mostly on food items type.


The R180 has quite a few screens for toasting and customizing options.

Molly Price/CNET

There are also three ways to customise cooking for your selected food items. Clean is for items you keep on the counter or in the fridge. Frozen is for anything at all coming out of the freezer and Reheat warms food items up with no more toasting.

A few other characteristics stood out as smart and useful. Because this toaster has a touchscreen, it is really effortless to unintentionally wake it up. To stop accidental toasting, the R180 demands a two-touch approach to start off cooking. You’ll will need to faucet as soon as to pick out your food items type and as soon as a lot more to start off the toasting. A crumb tray notify on the monitor reminds you when it is really time to vacant out the tray (a thing I hardly ever did with my outdated toaster).

It is really a bit tough to assess speed, because the R180 adjusts for food items type and classic toasters will not. My outdated Bella design, for illustration, constantly will take about 2 minutes, thirty seconds when I toast anything at all to a medium degree.

Under are the moments for each and every food items product I tried out in the R180. We have tested our honest share of toasters on the appliances staff, and the R180 is surely a single of the swiftest. 


Time (min:sec) on Stage 4







Toaster pastry


English muffin


The R180 just isn’t difficult, and all the food items I toasted came out edible, even the darkest toast. The diamond heating element design and style seems to evenly and quickly toast food items. Nothing took for a longer time than 3 minutes even on the darkest options, and I reliable the R180 enough not to pop it up every single thirty seconds and check on, in contrast to my outdated toaster. 

What is actually lacking?

Okay, so there’s a touchscreen on this toaster. Which is intriguing. Persons love touchscreens. Although I did find it intuitive and fantastic seeking, including a touchscreen ought to occur with a lot more features.

I will not will need to ask Google to make toast (even though I am not in opposition to it). But what about a photograph show on the idle monitor as an alternative of a clock? The R180 won’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so it can’t set the time on its own. I will not will need another clock in my kitchen area that I have to correct when the electric power goes out, the time modifications or I unplug the equipment to make room for a thing else.

Even if Wi-Fi features did nothing at all else, it could keep my toaster’s clock precise. Shots, recent temperature information and facts, heck, even exciting facts about bagels would make this show come to feel a lot more worthwhile and the $300 value a lot more defensible. 


I toasted five various items on the R180. Right here they are on a medium, degree 4 environment.

Molly Price/CNET

Is it worth it?

The R180 is a fantastic toaster. Really, I assumed everything I made in it came out just appropriate. At to start with look, the touchscreen looks ridiculous. But as soon as you’re a few waffles deep, you will comprehend that having that touchscreen regulate panel basically assists you get edge of all the customization choices and heating technological innovation driving it. The R180 presents a degree of customization that typical toaster controls can’t replicate, and the on-monitor visualization of your finished products signifies considerably less guessing about what options you want.

It is really a luxury toaster, no two ways about it. At $300, I can’t advise it more than a able $thirty design from a significant-title manufacturer. But if you use your toaster daily, have a deep love for bagels or an additional $300 to blow, I say unquestionably go for it.