Visual Studio Online becomes Visual Studio Codespaces

Microsoft has modified the name of Visual Studio Online to Visible Studio Codespaces, to carry the name extra in line with the thought that the giving is “more than just an ‘editor in a browser,’” the company wrote in a blog site article. Microsoft launched the name modify on April 30, together with a new, reduce-expense Basic occasion variety for Codespaces.

The on the web progress surroundings, which began a community preview period in November, gives for cloud-hosted progress environments that can be accessible from everywhere. The so-identified as Codespaces can be used for abilities including prototyping a new characteristic or doing brief-term duties like reviewing pull requests.

The new Basic occasion variety is a reduce-expense, reduce-electrical power Codespace working Linux, two virtual cores, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB of SSD storage. Basic occasions are offered instantly at a rate of 24 cents for each hour. The rate falls to 8 cents for each hour next 7 days, when Microsoft will reduce costs for all Codespaces occasion types. 

Other features not too long ago included to Visible Studio Codespaces include:

  • A capacity for bringing in your personal Dockerfiles or photos, enabling a Codespace to be tailored to exact technical specs, possibly by pointing at an impression from a registry these types of as Docker Hub, or by placing a custom Dockerfile a repository. Builders can hook up to these from Codespaces.
  • The ability to modify the occasion size, supplying a reduce-driven, reduce-expense surroundings that can be upgraded when required devoid of losing state and devoid of possessing to build a new surroundings. The Basic occasion variety also supports this performance.
  • Improvements to the self-hosted environments capacity, for registering any equipment to Visible Studio Codespaces and connecting to it from possibly Visible Studio Code or Microsoft’s browser-based editor. Improvements include streamlining the self-hosted system and growing supported eventualities.

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