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WhatsApp to support iPad and at least another iPhone in new update

It’s been a even though because the news with regards to multi-machine support on WhatsApp broke out, but now, a new report displays proof that this feature is likely to search additional like what Telegram previously does.

In accordance to WABetainfo, even though WhatsApp previously offers the skill to link its account with WhatsApp Internet, Desktop, and Portal to some beta testers, it’s even now establishing an application for the iPad and the skill to link a different mobile phone with the similar account.

WABetainfo suggests it’s not distinct whether or not this feature will only be readily available for tablets, but for the time currently being, there is no proof that the corporation will exclude cell phones.

A single of the things that people today complain about the most about WhatsApp above Telegram is the absence of multi-machine support, as you can log in to as several devices as you’d like. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is even now limited to a single most important machine with an active world wide web connection.

The corporation is also doing work on a different important feature, which is the skill to transfer chat history between iOS and Android devices and vice-versa.

There is no formal news with regards to when WhatsApp will launch multi-machine support or multi-machine 2., but the corporation is establishing them and generating development.