WTH? OSS knows how to WFH IRL

For a long time “that guy” would convey to you how significantly additional effective you’d be if you just tried out Doing work From Home™. With a lot of providers now demanding their employees to do so, seeking to stem the tide of COVID-19, it’s at last your possibility to WFH. Having said that, primarily based on a rapid perusal of Twitter… you despise it.

Following just a several days at property you are stir crazy, you are kid crazy, and you are generating us crazy with your tweets about how great the cookies are that you produced (and are wolfing down as a coping system).

But just before you talk to the Twitter WFH experts, probably it’s a good reminder that significantly of the program you count upon just about every single working day — some of the world’s most sophisticated and significant program — is created by persons who (gasp!) do not sit following to each and every other at perform and (double gasp!) most most likely don’t even perform for the identical company.

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