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Yet more ransomware operators are using DDoS attacks as leverage

In what is speedy rising as a disturbing pattern, a different ransomware gang has now resorted to applying Distributed Denial of Provider (DDoS) assaults to knock their victim’s sites offline.

In accordance to stories, ransomware operators are ganging up to launch repeated DDoS assaults towards a victim’s web-site to pressure them to the negotiating desk.

The stories quote Brett Callow, menace analyst at Emsisoft, who is not amazed at this new modus operandi: “DDoS is low cost, effortless and in some cases could assist encourage some companies that speedy payment is the minimum agonizing possibility. The more stress the criminals can set companies under, the far better their prospects of extracting payment.”

Double extortion

Ransomware operations that concentrate on enterprise networks will typically steal a victim’s unencrypted data files as properly. The unique tactic was to leak the unencrypted data files if the ransom is not paid out. In these an attack previous year, BleepingComputer documented that an affiliate of the SunCrypt ransomware introduced a DDoS attack on their victim to pressure them again to the negotiating desk.

The Avaddon ransomware is the newest to join the ranks and has reportedly DDoSed the web-site of one particular of its victims after thieving about 44GB of own and financial files.

The operators of the Maze ransomware were the initially types to get numerous various menace actors to join forces and trade strategies for more effective strikes towards their targets. It is not nonetheless apparent if Avaddon has joined the Maze syndicate or whether it has determined to spearhead a new operation of its individual.

Through: BleepingComputer